We are 1 Flintstones theme

The We Are 1 Family Cinemia themed fashion competition took place on thursday in honor of Lincoln University’s Spring Fling.

The show opened with We are 1 Family givng their own rendetion of a modern day movie theather. Models adorned in blazers and high heels hit the runway in a effort to bring all of the glitz and glamour of hollywood to the runway.

Various modeling organizations ripped the runway and displayed their creative talents through movie themed skits.
Skits included Men in Black, The Flintstones, Joey and the Pussycats and so much more.

At the end of the night Dc modeling troupe Xquizte took home the thousand dollar cash prize.


Royal Wedding

As the event of the century draws closer there is much talk about what lucky fashion designer will bring to life the bridal masterpiece for Kate Middleton.

To help build the anticipation of the wedding some of your favorite fashion brands have created their own forms of souvenirs to commemorate the occasion.

The items are fit for a queen and who knows you many even get put on the guest list for the Royal Wedding.

Some brands include Toy Watch, Hugo Boss, New Love Club, and even a Kate Middleton Doll was released.

Marc Madness

Style icon Marc Jacobs will be awarded the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) at a ceremony on June 6th. He will also be celebrating ten years of style, with his line launching in 2001 and reciving great review since it made its debut on the runway.

Paul Brine, spokesperson for, comments: “The past few months have truly been a tremendous period for Mr. Jacobs – recognition from the CFDA is a great honour, while the ten year anniversary of the Marc line demonstrates its incredible longevity. At, we thought it only appropriate to celebrate this incredible fashion icon by offering our customers access to four great pieces from the Marc line.”

The Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Award is given to a fashion icon who has changed and brought their own flare to the fashion world. Jacobs is best known for his innovative and outrageous clothing line and never being afraid to push the enevlope.

Spring Fling Fashion Show

It happens once every year in the form of a small homecoming, just as the leaves spring starts to take shape. But if you aren’t a Lincoln University student than you would know the joys that each student gets from Spring Fling.

Spring Fling is a time a parties, concerts, alumni but most importantly for KoutureCloset’s sake FASHION. We Are 1 Family hosts it’s annunal Spring Fling Fashion competition and this years theme is “The Cinema”, with apperances from surrounding area college fashion clubs.

Each club with have the chance to perfrom their own scenes and the two best clubs will battle it out in a straight runway fashion where the winner will recive $1000 from We Are 1 Family. The event will take place on April 7, 2011 in Manuel Rivero Hall and admission is $10.

Summer in the City

You aren’t truly a fashionista until you have lived in the city, Sex in the City that is. The hit show was a host of books before it turned into fashion mania. The books written by Candice Bushnell, highlight a New York fashion icon as her and her group of friends take the world by storm.

Never in a million years would Carrie Bradshaw dream that she would have the world in the palm of her hands, she has the dream job, good friends and Mr. Big. Summer in the City highlights events of Carrie’s youth and before she made her dream transition into life in the city. We have love Sex in the City since it’s book days and now you can too.

Here is a small preview.


* Read an excerpt from Candace Bushnell’s The Carrie Diaries
* Read our Q&A with Candace Bushnell

Ryan and Capote Duncan are at the White Horse Tavern, seated at a table on the sidewalk. There’s a pot of coffee in front them, and they look rough, like they went to bed late and just got up. Ryan’s eyes are puffy and Capote is unshaven, his hair still damp from a shower.

“Hey,” I say. They’re next to the entrance, making it impossible to avoid them.

“Oh. Hi,” Capote says wearily.

“This is my friend Maggie.”

Ryan immediately perks up at the sight of Maggie’s fresh-faced, all-American prettiness. “What are you girls up to?” he asks flirtatiously, which seems to be his default mode with women. “Do you want to join us?”

Capote gives him a frustrated look, but Maggie sits down before either one of us can object. She probably thinks Ryan is cute.

“Where are you from, Maggie?” Ryan asks.

“Castlebury. Carrie and I are best friends.”

“Really?” Ryan asks, as if this is supremely interesting.

“Ryan and Capote are in my writing class,” I explain.

“I still can’t believe Carrie got into that class. And actually came to New York and everything.”

Capote raises his eyebrows.

“What do you mean?” I ask, slightly annoyed.

“Well, no one ever really thought you’d become a writer.” Maggie laughs.

“That’s crazy. I always said I wanted to be a writer.”

“But you didn’t really write. Until senior year. Carrie worked on the school newspaper,” she says to Ryan. She turns back to me. “But even then you didn’t actually write for the newspaper, did you?”

I roll my eyes. Maggie never figured out I was writing all those stories for the newspaper under a pen name. And I’m not about to tell her now. On the other hand, she’s making me sound like a dilettante in front of Capote. Who already seems to believe I don’t belong in the class.

Fantastic. Maggie’s just added fuel to his fire.

“I’ve always written a lot. I just didn’t show you.”

“Sure,” Maggie says, grinning as if it’s a joke. I sigh. Can’t she see how much I’ve changed? Perhaps it’s because she hasn’t changed at all. She’s the same old Maggie, so she probably assumes I’m the same as well.

“How was the fashion show?” I ask, diverting the conversation away from my supposed lack of writing.

“Great,” Capote says listlessly.

“As you can tell, Capote is a man who knows nothing about fashion. He does, on the other hand, know quite a bit about models,” Ryan says.

“Aren’t models really stupid?” Maggie asks.

Ryan laughs. “That’s not really the point.”

“Ryan’s engaged to a model,” I say, wondering if Becky broke up with Ryan after all. He certainly isn’t acting like a man who’s been dumped. I glance at Capote inquiringly. He shrugs.

“When are you getting married?” Maggie asks politely. She and Ryan seem to have developed a connection and I wonder if she’s disappointed he’s not available.

“Next year,” Ryan says easily. “She went to Paris this morning.” Aha. So no need for a formal breakup after all. And poor Ryan, sitting here without a clue. On the other hand, Capote is probably perfectly capable of lying about the situation. He might have told me Becky was going to dump Ryan because he wants Becky for himself.

“Interesting,” I say, to no one in particular.

Capote puts five dollars on the table. “I’m taking off.”

Make Me Over (Editor’s Picks)


Here at Kouture Closet, we love Nars just as much as we love Jeffery Campell, a glitteriffic pair of Campbell’s off with a nice sun dress and a pink cheek inspired by NARS and you are ready to go and face the fashion world.

The product compete with some of the top make-up brands today such as M.A.C., Bobbi Brown and a host of other products. Making it a high end cosmetic line and causing high ed prices. Nars has been known to push the envelope when it comes to naming it products.


Sidekick Gets Show

Long time sidekick of Oprah Winfrey has shifted to her own television show. “The Gayle King Show” will air on the OWN, which will include guest appearances from Lady Gaga and a host of others. This is the first time ever that the stylish King will have a show and be seen without Oprah in her background. King is known for having a high fashion sense and will be give women make-up and fashion advice for qa older generation of women.

The show was supposed to air in early feb. but got set back due to minor issues in programming.

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