The Show Goes on

The SUB Multi-purpose room sat empty on March 12, 2011 at 12:00pm. It was the day that many students on Lincoln Universitys campus had been waiting for, Seeing Sounds, a fashion, charity event that took place in the fourm of a pop-up shop.

The event was hosted by Cory Townes, 1/3rd of the philedelpha fashion brand Babylon Cartel. In January, SGA Vice President Charlay Jones, Babylon Cartel Creative Desinger, Cory Townes, and Regan Farley came up with the idea but this would be the night that their vision would come to life.

Student lined up outside of the multi-purpose room for a night of shopping and entertainment.


Seeing Sounds

Seeing Sounds kicked off in a major way today in the SUB Multi-Purpose room featuring Babylon Cartel, Mila & Fire Vintage, Black Collection, and Kissed by Rain. Both on-campus and off-campus students were able to purchase items from some of these upcoming fashion houses.

Host Cory Townes, former Lincoln University Student and son of the hip-hop superstar Jazzy Jeff hosted the event.

There were a host of performances by We Are 1 Family, The 80’s Baby, and Onyx Dance Troupe just to name a few.

Pictures coming soon!!!!

Fashion Picks

As the leaves start to turn on the trees, that means one thing Fall has just begun. What better way
to start the change of the seasons then with many of the season’s newest looks.
From flats to bright-white jeans what better way is there to change with the seasons.

We have just made a list and checked it twice and now you can too.
1. Graphic Patterns
2.Long Skirts
3. Jeans
4. Flats

and Lots of Marc Jacobs !!!!!!!!

Curtian Call

High End fashion house Dior, closed fashion week in paris on a good note dispite the rants of John Galliano.
The seamstress and taliors of the brand ended it’s runway show taking a graceful final bow to close their fall 2011 runway show.

Ever since the anti-semitic rants from Galliano the fashion world wondered how Dior would handle it’s upcoming show. Normally A-list celebs would turn out in large numbers but there had been no star status celebs due to the the recent turn of events.

For the past 15 years, Galliano made the dreams of Dior dozens come to life but now there is a somber mood at the house of Dior.

Fall into Couture

This past week has added fuel to every fashionesta’s fire because once the weather breaks it means that fall is in the air.
And you guessed it that means fall fashion will be coming to a clothing rack near you. Models, high heels and last second calls to grace the stage and storm the runway of fashion week spark the interest of many of our KoutureCloset fans.

From New York to Milan there is something for every one.

High End desingers launched their ready to wear fall fashion and many of today’s hottest celebrities were in attendance.

We loved the looks from the one and only Diane Von Frustenberg.

Dior No More !!!

John Galliano, a designer for the high end fashion label Christian Dior was laid off Tuesday in the mist of preparing for fashion week in Paris.

Just this past week, reports of Galliano being caught bar fight and being anti-sematic was given to police officials. Dior went straight to the fabric section and tossed Galliano like one of fashion out of season items. Even though there had been no concrete evidence as to whether or not these allegations were true Natalie Portman, Dior Spokeswoman, refused to wear Dior to the 83rd annual Grammy Awards.

A piece of footage also surfaced about Galliano yelling insults at people of who practiced Judaism. Natalie Portman issued a statement about how she feels about the designer, calming that either he or she walks, but both of them won’t be together at Dior anymore.

“I condemn with the greatest firmness the comments made by John Galliano,” Sidney Toledano, Dior’s chief executive said “[The comments are] in total contradiction with the essential values which have always been defended by Christian Dior.”

Plain and Simple

A night of fashion, fun and some of the hottest A-list celebs had an opporunity to grace the Oscar’s red carpet on Sunday night.

Many actors and actresses kept in simple in an effort to avoid citations from the dreaded(Sarcasim) Fashion Police.

Viewers look forward to the outrageous comments that host Joan Rivers and cast members come up with. But the comments were few because every outfit spoted had nothing going on.

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